sparkler fun - 30 ideas for children of all ages

Will you be pulling out the sparklers for July 4th this weekend?  I cannot wait!  There is something about sparklers that bring out the kid at heart.

And today, I have 30 ways to make sparklers even more fun.  Ideas range from the ultra simple for the young children and more complex, even with a little forethought for the group of older kids.

Have fun and be safe!  [Disclaimer:  children should be accompanied by an adult when using sparklers.  Use your judgement whether your child is ready to handle sparklers and try some of the ideas below.]

Sparkler Fun for Young Children:

1.  Write the Alphabet in the Air
2.  Pretend to be Air Traffic Control & Bring in a Plane
3.  Draw a Picture of a Olaf in Summer
4.  Write Numbers
5.  Circle the Stars
6.  Write Your Name
7.  Draw a Smiley Face
8.  Practice Counting While the Sparkler is Lit
9.  Write Simple Math Problems in the Sky  1+1=2
10. Draw Shapes in the Sky
11. Pretend to be in a Marching Band
12. List All Your Favorite Foods Before the Sparkler Goes Out
13. Hold Two and Whirl Them.  Can Your Circles Touch?

Sparkler Fun for Older Children:

14. Give a Silly Speech & Talk With Your Hands
15. Create a Routine with Friends & Perform it With Sparklers
16. Stand Behind One Another & Pretend to be a Clock
17. Give Funny Directions Using Your Hands
18. Line the Yard with Sparklers Sticking Out of the Grass.  Light and Run Figure 8’s
19. Create a Shape with the Unlit Sparklers in the Grass.  Light as quickly as you can with other sparklers and enjoy your masterpiece.
20. Design an Awesome Rollercoaster in the Sky
21. Create a Family Cheer
22. Count as High and Fast as You Can While the Sparkler is Lit.  Who Can Get Further?
23. Recite a Bible Verse or Poem You Know until the Sparkler Goes Out.
24. Run an Obstacle Course (at dusk so you can still see)
25. Pretend You are a Singer on a Stage and Perform
26. Put on Music and Start a Sparkler Dance Party
27. Count Backwards from 100 and See How Far You Get.
28. How Many Times Can You Say the  Pledge of Allegiance?
29. Sing the Star Spangled Banner with Motions
30. Gather Everyone You Can in a Circle and Do the Wave with Sparklers

Happy 4th of July!