Thanks for your patience this week!  I have been fighting a sinus infection, ear infection and fever.  But I’m practically human again so I wanted to announce the winner of the Amazon gift card.  I also loved reading all the things you are celebrating and decided it would be fun to share many of them with you.


Congratulations to Kari J. (ragga….@)!

You will be receiving an email from me with information on claiming the $50 Amazon Gift Card.


And here is what many of you are celebrating:

Celeste is celebrating her sister getting married next month.

Tammy, Kyl, Karen, Lorena, Jennifer, James, Angela and Harolde are celebrating birthdays.

Mary and Roxann are celebrating their sons’ birthdays.

Vicki‘s sister is cancer free after 16 weeks of grueling chemo.

JoAnn will be celebrating Mother’s day with her mom and feeling so lucky to have her still while she’s battling cancer.

Patrice is celebrating the sight of returning goldfinches and hummingbirds.

Crystal is celebrating a small raise for her husband.

Megan is celebrating one of her dearest friends from grad school getting married in August and a few months later, she and her husband will be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary.  They just celebrated their 11th dating anniversary.

Angela is celebrating another beautiful spring day!

Chantel is celebrating her baby girl who will be joining the family in August.

Nancy is celebrating the long overdue spring that has finally arrived and that it is warm outside.

K.T. and her husband are celebrating two years of marriage.  Amanda is celebrating her one year anniversary and Beth is celebrating her one month anniversary.    Kelly is celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary.

Jessie, Emily and Rebecca are celebrating Spring!

Kaila is celebrating the 4th of July soon!

Shannon is celebrating a day off.

Elena, Mya,  Aubrey and Nadine are celebrating their husband’s birthdays.

Jamie is celebrating the new addition to her family.

Denise, Monique, Shannon  and Allison are celebrating upcoming birthdays.

Ky2here is celebrating good health and friends.

Amanda is celebrating another day alive.

Alyce is celebrating spring, good health and good friends!

Margaret is celebrating her 50th birthday this year and Sylvia is celebrating her 36th birthday.

Betsy is celebrating God’s blessings of a safe home with healthy children, among many other things!

Barbara just found out she is going to be a grandmother!!

Cathleen will be celebrating her younger sister’s birthday next month and Angie is celebrating a birthday in a couple weeks.

Vicki is celebrating our Savior!

Ann is celebrating her mom’s retirement.

Don is about to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

Cheryl is celebrating some financial victories!

Scarlett and Tari will be celebrating birthdays soon!

Jason and Katie are celebrating their college graduations.

Cynthia is celebrating the return of beautiful weather.

Kathleen is celebrating her mom’s upcoming birthday and Barbara is celebrating a special family birthday.  Maggie is celebrating her daughter’s 7th birthday.

Suzanne‘s sister is due with twins in the next two months.

Nikki is celebrating her husband being home from the military.

Emily is buying a new house and Laura is celebrating her first year in a new home.

Priscilla is celebrating multiple birthdays . . . lots of family birthdays at this time of year.

Suzanne was celebrating that it was almost Friday and she was taking her best friend out for lunch on Sunday for her birthday.

Elizabeth just celebrated a big birthday and Mary, Robin and Daniel are celebrating their birthdays.

Kjasus‘ son just turned 6, Tracy‘s son celebrated his 5th birthday and Denise is getting ready to celebrate her daughter’s 11th birthday.  Nicole is celebrating her little brother’s birthday!

Meredith is celebrating another healthy year!

Jennifer just celebrated her 2nd anniversary.  Julie is celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary next month.

Natalie is celebrating her kids getting good report cards.

Rachel is celebrating vacation.

Mary, Sue, Vicki and Pixel Berry Pie are celebrating high school graduations.

Stephanie is celebrating birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays for the 9 in their family.  They also love to celebrate the changing of the seasons and pretty much anything they think is worth celebrating.

Mary and Brianna are celebrating a new job.

Katherine is celebrating her daughter’s wedding and McKim‘s son is getting married in August.

April and Lindsey are each celebrating their 10th anniversaries this year.

Sarah is celebrating her mom and sister’s birthday, Heather is celebrating her son’s birthday.  Harmony is celebrating her son’s 2nd birthday next month and Lynne just celebrated her dad’s 90th birthday.

Deb is celebrating a sunny day, finally.

EPJohnson is celebrating a wonderful Young Life Banquet and reaching kids in their community for Christ!

Anne is getting ready to celebrate the birth of her second daughter.

Rebecca and Heather were celebrating Earth day (and planting)!

Susan is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary and Sheryl is celebrating her 15th anniversary.  Stephanie is celebrating her 5th anniversary and Kim is celebrating her 18th wedding anniversary.  Erica is celebrating 4 years together.

Leslie is celebrating her baby boy’s 6th birthday and Thelma is also celebrating her son’s birthday.  Heidi‘s little guy will be 5 next month.

Kimberly is celebrating 11 years at work.

Joy is celebrating her parents’ 46th anniversary next month.

Sarah is celebrating 10 years with RA and still going strong.

Kim and Mary are celebrating the end of the school year.

Suzanne, Starr and Valery are celebrating life!

Patricia is celebrating her nephew’s birthday and Tara is celebrating the birthdays of two of her nieces.

Sharon is celebrating the last day of this semester in college.

Bryan is celebrating that his daughter’s volleyball team is undefeated.

Michelle is celebrating family.

Joni is celebrating her 20th anniversary . . . in a dentist chair getting a tooth pulled.

Mary is celebrating the sunshine!


Thanks so much for sharing your celebrations!  I’m celebrating Jesus’ love, His direction for us in life/housing and my great family.  I’m also thrilled for Spring and little accomplishments like cleaning out a closet.  🙂