Things are beginning to wind down for our monthy home organization plan. This month, we’re tackling our bathroom cupboards and closets.  I love this kind of project since you can easily do it in stages.  There is no need to trash an entire room to organize a insurmountable pile of junk.  Rather, you can choose to take it one drawer, one shelf or one cupboard at a time as your schedule allows.

The Plan:

* Look for products/medicines that need to be thrown out.
* Organize cleaning supplies (check out #5 on my Seven “End of the Year” Tasks to Simplify Your Life).
*Organize toiletries.  Know exactly what you have so you don’t spend extra money on things you don’t need.
* Neaten up the towels and other items in the closets and cupboards.

Simple, right?  I love our monthly achievable goals!

But the more pressing question is which do you have more of:  bottles of nail polish or body lotion?

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