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What is your #RedKettleReason- (5)

Have you heard the bell? Have you seen the red kettles?

If you have, then you’ve seen The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign and witnessed a simple way you and your kids can “do good” and help others.

The Salvation Army is one of the world’s largest and oldest providers of social services.  Having been in the U.S. more than 130 years now, it’s faith based mission of meeting human needs in His name without discrimination continues to this day.

Did You Know?

Through the public’s generosity in 2013, in the United States alone:

  • The Salvation Army served more than 58 million meals to the needy.
  • 204,000 people received rehabilitation services through donations to Family Stores.
  • Over 203,000 underprivileged children attended day care and summer day camps.
  • The Army provided nearly 10 million nights of shelter.
  • 324,000 people received help during times of disaster.
  • More than 4 million families and children were served during the holidays.
  • More than 1.8 million people received help through senior, medical and institutional services.

Isn’t that amazing?  Another fact to love is that all donations remain in the communities where they originate.

a simple way for you & your kids can help others


What The Salvation Army Red Kettle Means to Me?

The Red Kettle is a chance to help others in need.  It is an opportunity for me and my kids to give and bless others, to put into practice remembering the needs of others.  And at its simplest, the kettle is a conversation starter for my family to talk about the less fortunate and the importance of giving.

At a time when it is easy for kids to be absorbed in getting gifts, the Red Kettle is a way to involve our children in helping those in need and reminding them to share from what God has given us.

How to Involve Your Children in the Red Kettle Campaign:

  • Talk about the Red Kettle Campaign and the needs of others.   The Salvation Army serves the homeless, the aged and lonely, the ill, the inmates of jails and other institutions, the poor and unfortunate.
  • Over the next few weeks, count how many Red Kettles your family sees and donate a set amount per kettle.
  • Pick a family donation amount and let your kids contribute by giving of their own money, doing extra chores or even selling toys on Facebook groups to raise money.
  • Skip a meal (or minimize a meal for young children) and donate the money you would have spent to a Red Kettle.  Remind them that many people go without meals because they don’t have the money to buy food.

Salvation Army bell ringer


My #RedKettleReason for Giving This Holiday Season:

This year, The Salvation Army is making Red Kettle giving a social experience by encouraging people to share their reasons for giving with the hashtag, #RedKettleReason.  It is a great opportunity to think about why you are giving, the difference your donation can make and learn why the rest of America is contributing to the red kettle.

My #RedKettleReason for giving is because there is a need and I can do something.  We are called to care for those in need and the less fortunate.  My family has been greatly blessed and this is a wonderful opportunity to help others.  

How about you?  What is your Red Kettle Reason?

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