Rainbow in a bucket

Believe it or not, there is a rainbow in this bucket.  Do you see it?  Well, just ask the trio of 4 year old boys and lone 2 year old girl who took the walk with us.

With the arrival of nice weather, you are probably heading outside for some fresh air and adventure.  Here’s a simple, yet fun activity for the kiddos.

Have each child grab a bucket and tell them that you are going for a walk to search for rainbows . . . all the colors of the rainbow, that is.  Be on the look out for items that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (you can do ROY G BIV if you’re really ambitious!).

We collected berries, assorted flowers, grass and a tiny bud.  The kids had a blast searching and were elated each time they found one of the colors.  It is really a simple idea, but finding orange and purple did make the other mom and I a little nervous.  Thankfully, we found them too.

Disclaimer:  Beware of neighbor’s flowers that shouldn’t be picked and mysterious berries!