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Do you remember Psalty, the Singing Songbook?  As a child, I loved spending hours listening to Psalty and the kids as they learned about praising God from the heart.

So you can imagine my excitement when Debby Kerner Rettino, the co-creator of Psalty, contacted me about a review.  My kids were familiar with Psalty because I had previously purchased Kids Praise CD’s 1-3.  Yes, CD’s…when I was little, we listened to them on records.  Yep, it’s official.  I’m old.

I was excited to have my children get to know Psalty, his family and friends and learn those lifelong Biblical lessons that I did as a child.  I was excited to have them tap their foot and sing along with the fun and creative songs.  I knew the stories would make an impression on them as they learn how to grow in their own faith and make more and more decisions by themselves.

Debby sent me Kids Praise CD’s 4-6 as well as their latest release, Faith It!  God Loves Me.  And let me tell you, my kids cannot get enough!

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Here is a brief story line along with my MOM-THOUGHTS on each:

Kids Praise! 4:  Singsational Servants  

Charity Churchmouse is very full of herself and on her way to become a “gospel singing star.”  She stops to visit her friend, Psalty, and meets the kids rehearsing in the church attic. There, Charity discovers to be a star in God’s kingdom she needs to have a servant’s heart.  BUT, she is still tempted when trickster, Risky Rat, offers her a contrap – yes contrap!  The Churchmouse Choir foils Risky’s plan when they rescue Charity in the nick of time.  Psalty and the kids join in this fun story showing Charity’s heart-change from being selfish to loving God and others. Includes the classic song, “Make me a Servant.”

My Mom-Thoughts:  Oh, I love this little CD and story.  Serving is an important concept for me to teach my kids (as you may well know).  I loved how Charity discovered that the greatest in the kingdoms is a servant to God and others.  It is a wonderful story to help put on your kingdom glasses and see how we can use our skills and talents to serve God.


Kids Praise! 5:  Psalty’s Camping Adventure

Psalty, with his dog, Blooper, take the kids on a camping adventure.  They hike up a big mountain and get discouraged when they feel hot, tired, and overwhelmed.  Psalty explains, “You don’t climb a mountain in one giant leap, you climb it one step at a time.”  As the kids trust Jesus for strength, they discover they can do lots more than they ever thought.  They are jubilant when they make it to the top of the mountain! But as darkness falls, two children get lost and they sing, “I cast all my cares upon You.”  The handicapped Farley McFirefly, who is “More than Able,” glows and gives the glory all to God as he lights the way and helps find the missing kids.  Great for problem-solving skills, teaching perseverance and dependence on God, with lots of Bible verses in the catchy music.

My Mom-Thoughts:  I love Kids Praise! 5 because it teaches my children to face challenges and problem solve from a faith-filled perspective.  It also has an awesome song about hiding  God’s Word in your heart.  For each letter of the alphabet, there is a corresponding verse to be learned.  My kiddos are completely tuned [zoned] into this song so they can learn each verse and sing along (which of course makes me very happy!).

Kids Praise! 6:  Hearts to Change the World

Psalty and the Booklets host an international potluck where Psalty reveals his latest invention.  The “Psaltyscope” shows people with real needs and missionaries serving in different countries.  Booklet, Harmony, wants to pig-out at the potluck and not invite anybody else to share the food!  She is stunned to find the Psaltyscope shows that Harmony is in need – in need of a transformed heart.  The kids discover God can give them hearts to change the world and that He can use them anywhere, even next-door or in their own homes.  They find the world is much bigger than their familiar neighborhoods and that God’s love extends to everyone.

My Mom-Thoughts:  Another album to love!  This CD teaches children to look beyond themselves and notice that others are in need (both physically and spiritually).  With a heart to love people all over the world, Kids Praise 6! shares about missionaries and the importance of sharing the Gospel at home and abroad.  My kids and I had a great conversation about selfishness after listening to this CD.  

Faith It! God Loves Me

FAITH IT!” is set in Psalty’s brand new Way Out Wacky Wonderful Worship Workshop – with lots of fun new inventions designed to teach kids about God.  Plugging in to the “Hope-a-Lini Machini,” Psalty helps kids discover they can live their whole lives, everyday, as worship offerings to the Lord.  They learn about mountain-moving faith – trusting that God loves us and that His plan for us is good.

My Mom-Thoughts:  It is a tough thing to surrender, but in this CD, we’re all learning that God’s plan for us is more important than what we may want for ourselves.  With fun music and engaging stories, kids can see what it means to live a faithful live.  

Listening to these CD’s have not only taught my kids a good deal about God and worship, but have also led to great conversations about faith.  

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All images are ©2006 Rettino/Kerner Publishing and Psalty is a registered trademark of Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner Rettino. Images used by permission.

Disclosure:  I received the above products for review at no cost.  All opinions are my own.