I love organization and order!  The problem?  I can’t seem to get there.  I love being in the midst of a project and accomplishing a task, but then something else takes a back seat . . . like putting away the laundry or cleaning the house.

So today, I’m sharing a quick productivity tip from my husband for your OUT OF CONTROL INBOX!  Mine (still) falls into that category, but Dan’s tip helps me immensely when I take a few minutes to sort and delete.

The Tip:  Sort your inbox by sender.  Simple, right?  It will allow you to breeze through emails from groups/stores/individuals and quickly select emails to delete.  For some, it will be brainless work.  Check it, click delete.  For others (like the hundreds you’ve saved from your mom), it will be a little more time consuming to delete.

Here’s how to do it in Yahoo:  Click on FROM.  It will sort alphabetically by sender.


Instructions for Gmail:  This is not as simple on the front end, but still effective.  In the search window, type “from: sender’s name.”   Here, I searched for emails from the DisneyDaddy.


And just because I’m curious, how many emails are in your inbox?  (I’m either looking to feel better about myself or just glutton for punishment!)