Praying for Those Who Send You Holiday Cards

The cards are rolling in!  A friend shared this idea with me last year and I’m excited to be starting the tradition with our kids.

At dinner time, one of the kids runs over to our snowman card holder and pulls out a card we have received.  Then we stop and take a moment to pray for that family.

So simple!  But another way to reach out in love and teach our kids more about prayer.


  1. Great idea! Love it!

  2. Fantastic idea!!!


  3. Love this idea!

  4. If someone sends me a holiday card / I take it upon myself to send them three small gift packs over the next year. I have done an envelope with a few freezer bags, a trial sized advil , a few dryer sheets and a note that says have a nice day!
    I think those who send holiday cards might like to get something besides a bill in the mail. So I try to do for them during the year as I can.

    I have also sent a tea bag, A garbage bag, and few magazine pages that they might enjoy! It does not have to be alot but I always send a note for them to have a lovely day as well.