Patriotic Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

patriotic chocolate-covered pretzels

If you are looking for a simple 4th of July treat with a big bang of color, look no further.  You’ll love how easy this is to do and the delicious taste of chocolate covered pretzels.

Here is what you’ll need:

red white blue chocolate covered pretzels 2

1.  Melt your chocolates according to instructions.  Wilton calls for 1 minute on the defrost setting, then stir thoroughly.  Follow with 30 second intervals until chocolate is completely melted.  I use a tall glass for melting since I need something to accommodate pretzel rods.

2.  Dip the pretzel rod in the chocolate and with the help of a spoon, cover more of the rod.  I spin it a couple times over the glass when done to “shake” off extra chocolate.


red white blue chocolate covered pretzels 3
3.  With a spoon, drop the sprinkles over the chocolate, spinning the pretzel.  (I wanted to say sprinkle the sprinkles, but that sounds ridiculous!)  Use a dish underneath to catch the extra sprinkles.  We’ll use them later.

red white blue chocolate covered pretzels 4


4.  Lay the pretzels out on wax paper and allow to dry completely.


red white blue chocolate covered pretzels 7


If you have any short, broken pretzels, you can use those too.  Just dip the broken end in the chocolate.  You’ll end up with cute pretzel bites.


red white blue chocolate covered pretzels 6

red white blue chocolate covered pretzels 8


* For the mixed sprinkles that fell in dish, try using them as the garnish or filler in the bottom of your jar.  (See top picture)

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What are your favorite patriotic treats?  


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  1. that is so cute! I love how you designed them! I will definitely be doing those with the boys!

  2. Those are not only cute but fun! Thanks for showing us how to do it! I was your neighbor at The Better Mom this morning 🙂

  3. What a fun idea! Love this Kristen! 🙂