DIY - Painted Paper Plate Holders


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Today, I am sharing a super simple idea.  It is so simple in fact, that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before . . . Painted Paper Plate Holders . . . Fun, colorful and an ingenious touch to add some pizzazz to those old plate holders that have been around since we were kids.

I saw this idea while browsing through the Entertaining edition of Better Homes & Gardens.  Oh, how I love that magazine!  And this little DIY couldn’t be easier.  So, let’s get started.

Grab your paper plate holders.  (Don’t have any?  Add this set of 4 to your next order.)


ordinary paper plate holders


Round up the spray paint you have on hand.  Ok yes, I have a little problem with spray paint!  These are only some of the colors I have.  Love the stuff.


spray paint your plate holders


Give each plate holder a good spray top and bottom.  Take a second glance before you pack up the paint to make sure you have covered each holder sufficiently.  Alas, my purple ran out mid-plate.  No purple for my princess this time.


drying plate holders


The grass was the perfect place to set the plates as they dried.




Don’t they look so much better?


DIY - Give a little pizzazz to your paper plate holders!


One of my ceramic plates fit perfectly.  Who says you have to stick with paper?


Too easy not to do! --- Painted Plate Holders

P.S. If you are interested in Better Homes & Gardens, Amazon has it for $7.50 per year!  It is a great price for 12 issues.