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As you can safely assume, birthdays are a big deal in our house.  We celebrate the actual birthday with a fun activity and a more intimate dinner.  We plan a friends party for each child and then we also host a joint family party for both kids (about 25 people and only our immediate families).

This year, I wanted to do a luau theme for our family party.  In keeping with a good “party approach”  (see this post to learn more), our guests were greeted with leis, hibiscus clips for the ladies’ hair and deliciously sweet pineapple coconut smoothies.

Luau party


Leisflower clips and scattered flower petals were from Oriental Trading Company.
I used two grass skirts (Dollar Tree) as my table skirt.


luau party 2


This upcycled chalkboard has gotten a lot of use lately!
Check out how you can use Chalkboard Art for your Next Party.


luau flower for hair






We looked at several different pineapple smoothie recipes.  The fresh pineapple and coconut sounded delicious but we thought they’d prove a bit tricky given our time constraints in preparing the rest of the food.  So we opted for the non-alcoholic recipe on the back of the Daily’s Pina Colada Mix.  It was fast, easy and sweet.  We topped them with whipped cream, shredded coconut and an umbrella.  They were a hit!


Don’t forget to welcome your party guests with something delightful whether it be a special decorating concept, favor, drink or appetizer.  Lure them in with something fun and build the anticipation for a great event.

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