New Year’s Eve Tradition: Games for Cash

New Year's Eve Tradition. Games for Cash

What is your best New Year’s Eve memory?  One that comes to mind is from when I was a teenager.  My brother and I didn’t have any plans, so my mom brought up a ton of games from the basement.  She spread them out over the dining room table and started laying cash on them.  Winner of the game took the cash.  It was an absolute blast!

So with that in mind, last year I pulled out some of our “fun money!”  My college-aged niece came over and played games with us until 3:30am.  I was exhausted since I rarely stay up that late anymore, but the competitive nature in me came out!

We vary the purse money from game to game.  Since some games may take longer or are tougher to win, they are worth more money.  Cheap and easy games only need a round or two to declare a winner and may only be worth a couple bucks.  And just to clarify, we are not promoting gambling.  We provide all the cash and just play for the prize (and bragging rights).

And this year, the tradition continues . . .

What are your fun New Year’s Eve traditions?