The summer seems to fly by so quickly!  June is already half way over . . . sigh.  
We are booked solidly through the fall with fun and special activities, but full nonetheless.  I’m sure your calendar is just as busy!
I don’t want to be so preoccupied with our schedule (which happens to me easily) that I miss the summer.  So I’ve put together my top 21 list of things to do so that when September comes and I’ve completed my list, I’ll feel like I spent time enjoying the good old days of summertime. 
My Top 21 Summer Fun Activities


  1. Eat S’mores
  2. Bring in Flowers from my Garden
  3. Take a Family Walk in a New Park
  4. Have a Campfire (in conjunction with #1)
  1. Play at the Pool
  1. Go to the Beach one Early Morning
  1. Take a Hike in the Woods
  1. Walk Grandma’s Street with her Dog.  (My kids love holding the leash.)
  2. Have Sweet Boy fish with “Uncle Aaron”
  3. Eat Messy Popsicles with the Kids on a Hot Day
  1. Watch the Sun Rise from my Front Porch
  1. Have a Garage Sale
  1. Go to a Garage Sale
  1. Pick Blueberries
  1. Have a Picnic
  1. Have a Date Night Picnic
  1. Watch Fireworks (if the kids don’t get scared)
  1. Go to the Drive-In
  1. Go to a local Apple Farm
  1. Go to Old Glory Day Celebrations
  1. Entertain with Candles and Twinkle Lights on my Deck
What is on your list for summer fun?  I’d love to hear!