Ok, so let me first say that my husband is totally lucking out on this.  When I started my plan for A Little March Madness Love, I checked the March Madness schedule for dates and the number of days games would be played on.  I planned 12 fun treats to serve my wonderful husband on the 12 nights of basketball.  And just in case you missed the original post, this is his favorite time of year for sports, especially since he is on break from a tough course load.

However, after the first night of basketball and the first treat, Dan laughingly informed me that I really didn’t need to count the play-in games.  Play-in games?  What are play-in games?  All I saw was Round 1 on the schedule.  He explained play-in games and I found out that those first two days of games aren’t even on the brackets.  Oh well!  Two extra nights of goodies for him.

The picture above shows the treats from one of the nights.  Amateur work, yes.  But they were delicious!  I used Wilton Orange Candy Meltsthat were in my pantry begging for a purpose and a little semi-sweet chocolate for the lines.  I made basketball chocolate-covered strawberries, pretzel rods and my husband’s favorite, two round crackers with peanut butter spread in the middle.  YUM!

Are you doing anything fun for March Madness?