My 2012 Summer Sand Pail List UPDATE

It is almost the last day of July.  I thought I better check in on my Summer Sand Pail list and see how I am doing.  (If you want to know why I have a summer bucket list, go here.)

My Summer Sand Pail List:  

1.  Eat Tomatoes from my Garden.  (And if you knew my garden, you would know what an accomplishment this would be.  Last time I grew vegetables, the cucumbers came out orange and the green peppers smelled like cat urine -according to Dan.) Still waiting, but I see little green tomatoes coming.  But I’m so thankful the woodchuck living under our deck didn’t eat my tomato plants like he ate everything else.    

2.  Watch the Sun Rise from my Front Porch  Very relaxing and I had some company.

3.  Swim until We’re Pruny – – over and over again  In process.

4.  Visit the Nearby Petting Farm

5.  Host a Great Summer Dinner Party  Still to come, but really hoping the deck is finished.

6.  Go to the Beach one Early Morning  Went for breakfast on my birthday.  What a fun way to start the day.  

7.  Bring Flowers in from my Garden Lovely!

8.  Have a Garage Sale Success!  I made about $300.  

9.  Pick Strawberries and Blueberries with the Kids  Might have missed this one due to a short season.  

10.  Have a Picnic  Check out our 20 Minute Teddy Bear Picnic.  

11.  Have a Date Night Picnic

12.  Entertain with Candles and Twinkle Lights on my Deck  Waiting on deck to be done.  

13.  Make Snow Cones for the Neighborhood Kids  Yep, this was a blast!  See it here.

14.  Make a Sandcastle Cake 

15.  Visit the Zoo Each Month Getting close.  

16.  Take the Kids Hiking Did this in June.  So fun and would like to do it again.

We discovered this at the end of our hike.  

17.  Find a Great Recipe & Make Yummy Yogurt Popsicles Found this great recipe on Angela’s Adventures.  

18.  Go to the Drive-In  Think I have decided to scratch this one off the list.  I don’t think Dan & I could stay awake for two late movies.  (We are early risers.)

19.  Have Sweet Boy fish with “Uncle Aaron” Again This Summer

20.  Go to Old Glory Day Celebrations Probably one of my favorite things about living in a small town!  

Sweet Girl and her decorated tricycle.

Sweet Boy in a pie eating contest.  

We are having a great summer!  How are you doing on your Summer Sand Pail List?