A Mother’s Day Bouquet of Love Notes

A Mother's Day Bouquet of Love Notes (25)


Of all the Mother’s Day gifts I have received from my kids, my favorites have always centered around handwritten notes or creations my children have made.  Today, I am sharing a super simple, yet thoughtful gift idea for kids to make for Mother’s Day.

The added bonus?  You probably have most of the materials at home.  I only spent a couple bucks!  Join me at Motherhood On A Dime where I am sharing the tutorial.


  1. WOW! how lovely very inspiring one. Let me join you on Motherhood on a dime. Thanks a lot!

  2. susan hull says:

    Beautiful Alice party ! So nice for your daughter to have the memories and the photos when she’s older. I’m thinking of doing an Alice party for my niece even though it’s her 18th b day, I think it will be great fun to go down the rabbit hole!
    Again, good job

    • Thanks so much, Susan! And I think an Alice theme would be so much fun for an 18th birthday! You could bring a little sophistication to it. If you do it, I would LOVE to see pictures. 🙂