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May is here and I’m not so sure I am ready for this month’s organizational task.  But there is no backing out now!  🙂

This month we are tackling the busiest room in our house, the kitchen.  The grand central station of cooking, family conversations and if your house is anything like mine, the “drop it on the counter” collection o’junk!

I have a nice sized kitchen with lots of cabinets.  (And by the way, don’t you love the sleek kitchen in the picture.  I’m dreaming of clean counter tops!)  But my cabinets are bursting with stuff.  Stuff I love, stuff I use . . . and some I don’t.  I have tons of entertaining dishes and lots of “fun” things to do with kids like a great sandcastle cake pan and a Pooh Bear one that I have yet to use.  Maybe this is the month!

Here is the Kitchen Attack Plan:

  • Remove everything from the cabinets.  Sort and purge what is not longer needed.
  • Re-examine where you are storing your most used items around the room.  I really like where I have everything placed, but I want to be as efficient and practical as possible in their location around the room.  (For example, is my glassware cupboard or silverware drawer close to the table and not in my way if someone needs silverware or glasses and I am working at the counter?  Think traffic flow!)
  • Organize and return cupboard items away.
  • Do the same process with the kitchen drawers.
  • Attack the kitchen junk drawer.  (C’mon, we all have them!)
  • Organize the buffet and any other furniture pieces you may have in your kitchen.
  • Remove everything from the counter tops and deep clean.
  • Uh oh, here it comes . . . clean the refrigerator, in and out.
  • Organize the pantry, removing anything expired.  (I usually do this monthly as I can’t stand how cluttered our pantry gets.)
May is also the month I will be going through the house, room by room, to do a quick purge to get ready for our garage sale.  I’ll set the timer for 5-15 minutes for each room so I don’t get bogged down with decisions.


If you’re joining us late in the game and want to catch up, you check out our Monthly Organization Plan.


What is the hardest spot in YOUR kitchen to keep organized?