Mason Jar Drinks

Mason Jar Drinks

One thing you’ll see all over Pinterest is the rage to present your beverages in a unique and fun way.  For my Peter Rabbit Party, I used the ever-popular mason jars to keep with the country garden theme.  (If you missed the party, read part one at Redeemed Reader or part two here.)

If you are into canning, you probably have a good stash of mason jars.  I only wish I was into canning, so my mason jars only see the light of day when I’m using them for a party.  😉

For these drinks, I used Wilton Jumbo White Baking Cups and Kirkkerland Striped Straws.  I did try to use the smaller baking cups first.  But they looked a little too small and when I didn’t get them perfectly straight all around, it was very noticeable.  (Can you say OCD?…I prefer detail-oriented!)

The straws were left over from Sweet Boy’s train party last year (purchased fairly cheap on Amazon).  And the drink?  Clear fruit punch.  When coordinating party colors, I like the drink to fit right in.  But bright blue kool-aid would have been too much color.  So while perusing the juice aisle, I found clear fruit punch.  Who knew?


mason jar drinks 2


What fun drink presentations have you seen before?  


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  1. Cute! I love the Peter Rabbit theme!