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Last fall, my cousin called and shared with me about a book she read in an afternoon at the pool.  It was Looking For Lovely:  Collecting the Moments that Matter.  She absolutely loved it.  Well, any book that she loved would be enough to make my list and one that she read in an afternoon . . . jackpot!

Now, I didn’t read this book in a single afternoon.  It was my “waiting book” for when I was waiting at my daughter’s dance class, at doctor’s appointments or in the school parking lot.  Do you have a book like that?  This was perfect!

This was the first book I had read by Annie F. Downs.  She also wrote Let’s All Be Brave, Speak Love:  Making Your Words Matter and 100 Days to Brave (which just released this week).  Annie has a fun, relational writing style.  She is real, vulnerable and yet funny.  She is open about her struggles and her growth.  The book is full of great stories that take you through Annie’s journey of searching for lovely.

Looking for Lovely is an enjoyable read.  However, there were days when my Type-A self lifted my nose out of the book and asked “What is this book about?”  But as I kept going, the reveal came and Annie tied it all together beautifully in the end.  The book is a journey of finding God in the everyday moments, of walking with confidence the road before you and picking up on the things God is trying to teach you.  It is what everyday living is made of.  But most of all, it is about perspective.

One thing I loved about this book was that I felt like I knew Annie.  It was as if we just chatted for hours at the coffee shop or ventured on some fantastic road trip, spending hours together in the car.  Don’t you love when an author makes you feel this way?  It is a gift.

Should you read it?  Yes.  You’ll enjoy Annie’s stories and be blessed by her perspective of looking for lovely in the everyday and in the trials of life.  You’ll be inspired by her growth and relax a little more when facing a challenge because you know to find the beauty in the situation.

I’d love to know if you read Looking for Lovely.  Please share your thoughts below.


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