Little Feet & Wedding Rings ~ Baby Photo Idea

Here is a fun photo idea for your baby!  

I saw this idea when my cousin took her son to a department store’s photo studio.  It is something you can recreate in your own home.  Just be ready for a little wiggle action!

Grab your wedding rings and try a variety of blankets or fabrics to set the stage for your little one’s feet.  In the above picture, I used my son’s baby blanket for sentimental reasons.  And don’t forget to re-shoot when #2 comes along.  Below, I used a blanket big enough for TWO wiggly bodies.

I found it easiest to shoot quickly while my husband held the kids’ legs under the blanket . . . and it didn’t hurt to have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on either.

I love those precious feet!


  1. Love it!! I’ve seen pics of rings on baby feet before, but never thought of taking one with the feet of two kiddos! Precious!!

  2. I love the idea of putting those wedding rings on baby’s feet. I should try this one on my baby.

  3. These are cute photos! Great idea to take pictures of little ones with rings on their foot. But what if you have 3 kiddos? LOL!

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  5. Those are cute jewelries on the baby’s toes. It is a brilliant idea to put those jewelries on baby’s feet. I would love to try this too. My daughter is 1 year old and I am thinking of doing the same thing.

  6. The most precious things on the most precious thing ever. I love the concept.

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  8. I like your photos.Its very funny idea.