This month, our organization goal is to stay on top of our paperwork.  If you were with us back in January, we sorted our piles, overhauled our files and boxed the important and timely paperwork for storage.


July’s goal is simply to keep everything under control.  Hopefully, you are staying up to date on your paperwork and filing each month.  But if not, here is your chance for a fresh start.


Here is what we’ll be doing:


* Tackle any pile of paperwork.
* If you have been putting your paperwork in quick “To Be Filed” folders, now is the time to empty them out.
* Clean your desk.  Don’t just clutter clean, dust it too.
* Update any filing system that isn’t working for you.



This is one of my organizing tricks.  In the office, I keep a Four Tier Rolling Cart.  The baskets are categorized as:


Active – anything that is “in play” or to be done.
File – papers to file such as paid bills, manuals, anything designated to the filing cabinets
Return – items to return elsewhere around the house
Guess – yep, your guess is as good as mine . . . the things I have no idea of where to put them!


My son loves to help me sort into the different baskets.  It is great for quick organizing and clutter cleaning, but only works as long as you keep up with it.


How do you stay organized when it comes to paperwork?  


* Check out the entire Monthly Organization Plan here.

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