My Curb Before!

At this very moment, I am looking out my office window, watching wonderful city employees fix the curb of my drive.  It was pretty chewed up from snow plows last year and has been slowly deteriorating over the course year.  The nice guys who are out there are using ice picks to break up the weak cement and then will be putting asphault down in its place.

Are they doing this because they were driving down my street and saw it needed to be fixed?  No.  Although definitely a possibility.  Rather it is because about 20 minutes ago, as I was pulling into my neighborhood, I saw them fixing potholes near the entrance.  I stopped, hopped out of my car and went over and asked if they could fix the end of my drive.  I simply asked.  And they were so kind and said that they’d be over.

About a month ago, I was at Kohl’s shopping but didn’t have any of their usual coupons with me.  So when I was checking out, I asked the cashier if she would take 15% off if I used my Kohl’s charge.   Without hesitating, she agreed.  All I did was ask!

And as you may have read on my Un-Procrastination Day post, when Maria and I were at the Christian Bookstore, I asked the cashier if she would accept a coupon visible on my phone.  She said she would as long as the code worked.  25% off the purchase by just asking!

So ask for discounts!  Ask for deals.  Ask for help.  You won’t know what will happen until you do.

(Just don’t ask why most of my paragraphs start with “A.”  – I don’t know.)

My Curb After!