I’ve discovered something lately.  Multi-tasking is not working for me.  I start on something then flit and float to something else and so on and so on.  The result?  Nothing gets completed!

So I’m trying something new.  Good bye Multi-Tasking.  Hello Chunk Tasking!

Chunk tasking is focusing chunks of your time on a specific task.  This reduces start up time, minimizes distractions and therefore you become more focused and more productive.

I wrote on my list covering one hour and forty-five minutes, chunking my time for each task.  I set my timer, rolled up my sleeves and began.

Here was my plan:

  • 9:15am Kitchen clean up: which meant clutter clean, catch up on dishes, vacuum crumb city under the table, clean the counters and put away all dried dishes.  
  • 9:40am Dining Room (put away all the serving pieces and decorations from the last party)
  • 9:55am Think about and set out serving pieces for next party. (Yes, party central this month!)
  • 10:10am Dust First Floor
  • 10:30am Playtime with Kids (didn’t want them to feel neglected since I was buzzing around)
  • 10:45am Deal with Health Insurance (phone call and assemble receipts to be faxed)

The Result?  Wow!  Got it all done and felt incredible.  I was motivated.  I was focused.  And I finished!  Now, I suppose there are some things I will still do with multi-tasking such as clutter clean when I happen to be on the phone, or clean the bathroom while the kids are in the bath.  But my new best tasking friend is chunking!

I’m setting my timer….Now!