how to save money on tablecloths
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Today, I have a great tip for saving money on tablecloths.  It is amazing how much a regular tablecloth can cost.  I’d rather not spend a ton of money on something that is inevitably going to be stained by my kids, their birthday friends or my husband.  Wait, did I just say that out loud?  

When I was a Wedding & Event Planner, I rented hundreds of table linens.  I loved the variety of colors, materials and patterns.  (I also loved rolling them up after being stained and letting someone else worry about it >>read why I miss my staff here.)  But in doing all that, I learned a little secret.

Do you want to know what the secret is?

Many party rental companies sell out-right their older table linens at amazing prices.  I can buy linen napkins for 25 cents each and you would never know they were rental company rejects.  When I started buying linens from these companies, I often found long buffet tablecloths for under $7.  Now, I am paying $10 each, but to get the color I want, it is still a steal.

When you are looking at the different linens, be selective.  If you find a random stain on a tablecloth, grab another one.  If you are buying a lot of napkins, take a good look at coloring and avoid faded ones.  Even with a little sorting, this is a great way to save money on tablecloths.

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Where do you find your tablecloths?  Do buy retail or shop around?