How to Create a Wrapping Paper Backdrop

Are you looking for a simple backdrop to a party tablescape?  Give wrapping paper a try!  With all the colors and patterns that wrapping paper comes in, there are so many options in creating the perfect backdrop for your next party display.  Not to mention, it is quite affordable and reusable when your party is over.

What you will need:
* Wrapping Paper
* Scissors
* Packaging Tape
* Stapler or Push Pins
* Another adult or someone over the age of 3 is very helpful!


1.  Cut your wrapping paper into three lengths.  The roll I bought was 16 feet which meant just over 5 feet for each of the 3 panels.  (I used a 6 foot table.)


2.  Fold the top over so that you have a nice clean edge.  A little trick for a straight edge is to line up your side edges (the top and bottom layers created by the fold) perfectly, which will make a 90 degree angle.  Using both hands, line up each side at the same time and draw your hands to the center creasing as you go.

3.  Reinforce the wrapping paper using packaging tape.  You don’t want the push pins or staples to tear through the paper or slack at all.  The packaging tape will provide the backing and strength it needs.  Run one stream of it across the width of the paper.


4.  Reinforce the bottom end too.  Keep in mind, this side will be hidden by the table so there is no need to fold for a straight edge.


5.  Hang one of the outer panels by stapling or using push pins.  I prefer stapling because I’d rather have two tiny holes rather than a larger push pin hole.  I also have the advantage of a textured (sand) paint on the walls to give somewhat of a stucco feel.  Staple holes are easily lost in the texture . . . but talk to me after a lot more parties on the same wall and we’ll see.

I used three staples across the top and two across the bottom for a well-supported and tight fit.


The right panel hung.


6.  Hang the second side panel.  This is where another adult would come in handy to make sure that your panels are even.  One can stand at a distance and judge while the other staples it to the wall.  You could also try a level, though.

I went with my three year old since Dan wasn’t around.  She did a surprisingly good job.  Maybe a future career in party planning . . . ?

7.  Hang the final and center panel.  This will be your true test to see if your side panels are even.  I did have to adjust slightly.  Hanging the center panel last gives you a sense of balance since you can see the entire panel.  Remember, working in odd numbers is also more appealing to the eyes.

When the party is over, remove your backdrop (or leave it up for a month like me!), cut off the taped ends and roll up your paper.  Back to ordinary gift wrap!

What have you used or what do you like to use for backdrops?  

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