Do you need a SLOW SUMMER-

If there is one thing I’ve been looking forward to as we wrapped up the school year, it is a SLOW SUMMER.

The last month has been crazy.  Not only have we been over-scheduled and over-committed, we went and threw a puppy into it.  And friends, let me tell you if you didn’t already know, those puddles of fur are a lot of work!  I’m talking new baby level kind of work.  (At least our sweet girl sleeps through the night.)

In all the craziness of the last four weeks, my heart, my mind and my body are craving SLOW.

And that is what I’m going to be purposeful with this summer.


I’m putting aside a packed schedule.  I’m dropping the lengthy summer bucket list.  Truthfully, I’m lowering my expectations.


I want days at home . . .

hours with friends . . .

plenty of down time . . .

and lots of free play.


I want adventure in the woods with the kids, meals in the treehouse and fun at the pool.


I’m thinking family games, rainy day reading and space to help others.


All of this is only possible if I tame the family schedule and plan slow.  We have a very limited number of day camps, some library programs and a couple special events.  Other than that, we’re keeping it slow.  We only have 18 summers with our kids.  I’m already half way through with one of my babies.  I want to make the season count and stop the rush.

Here are some ideas for a Slow Summer:

  • Lighten the schedule.
  • Relax bedtimes.
  • Turn off the alarm.
  • Get outside often.
  • Don’t plan a long bucket list.  Pick your top three things and stop there.
  • Allow for margin in your days and weeks.
  • Learn to love white space on your calendar.
  • Pick a fun book to read this summer.
  • Take relaxing walks.
  • Remind yourself and your kids that “bored” can be good and a great opportunity for the imagination.
  • Be spontaneous.  If you are so busy, being spontaneous isn’t even a possibility.
  • Talk with your kids.  Really talk.  Learn something new about them.  Let them learn something new about you.
  • Say no.  You don’t need to say yes to everything asked of you.  Read The Best Yes (affiliate link) for encouragement.

What are your thoughts?  Is a SLOW SUMMER gnawing at your heart, too?

Friends, it’s time to slow down, to enjoy the moments and celebrate the days.


5 tips for taming the family schedule