host a children's drive-in night

Last fall, we invited some of the neighborhood children over for an indoor Drive-In Movie Night.  It was relatively little work and big on fun.  Each child was invited to bring their own ride-on toy inside.   We had a fire truck, various cars, a three-wheeler,  cozy coupe and even a John Deere kid’s tractor.


Each child was given a movie ticket when they arrived (which was collected as the movie was about to start) and a filled coin pouch with which they were to buy their concessions.   Parents were asked to bring a treat or snack to be “sold” to the kids.  We even had one family make homemade popcorn…yum!


The room was decorated with purple neon tubing and white mini-lights.  With our younger crowd, we chose the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally for our feature presentation.   (If you don’t know already, you’ll soon learn that I am a Disney freak!)
Checklist for Your Drive-In Night:
  • Make & Send Invitations
  • Ask each family to bring a treat or snack
  • Make tickets, coin pouches and signs
  • Have a rag handy to wipe off any grass or dirty wheels  🙂
  • Select the movie
  • Decorate with neon tubing and/or white mini lights
  • Prepare food and drinks
*Alternative Idea:  Host a drive-in outside using a projector and white sheet.