Hospitable Hearts: What the Pursuit of Hospitality Says About Your Heart

What does hospitality say about our hearts?  Today, we start our new series on hospitality.  All week, we’ll be looking at what it means to have a hospitable heart.  Won’t you join us?

Today, hop over to read the beautiful thoughts of Melissa from Hive Resources.  She writes:

It was through a shared meal that God first spoke to our hearts about helping plant a church in the heart of Pittsburgh.

The first time we visited our church, it wasn’t even a church yet. The pastor invited us to share a meal immediately following the service, and the entire congregation could fit around one long conference table.

The food was simple, but the intimate community it afforded was not.  I still remember what was prepared – potato soup, fat chunks of crunchy bacon, leafy greens, and the best homemade croutons I’ve ever tasted.

The individuals weren’t just sharing breadthey were sharing life.

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