It was about 4:00am when she came in.  My three-year old has become somewhat accustomed to coming to our room and asking to sleep in our bed in the wee hours of the morning.  I don’t mind all that much, really.  I know this precious time will all too quickly be a fond memory.

She stroked my face as I laid there half asleep.  We held hands.  And then she whispered,

“Mama, you’re the best.”

If she only knew how much of a failure I felt like at that moment.  I had messed up something pretty bad that evening and only because of the Lord’s utter grace and mercy did everything work out so well.  But the sting of the mistake still penetrated my heart and mind.

I may not be the best at everything.  I may mess up in big ways.  I may lose the illusion of being fairly competent.

But one thing I know.  I am my baby’s best.

I am God-chosen to raise that little girl and her tall, precious brother.  To them, I am the best and that is all I need to know right now.

How about you?  You may not have the cleanest house.  You may not be the best cook.  You may have messed up at your job.  You may not be as accomplished as the next person or as talented as your friend.  You may not write as beautifully as another blogger.

But to someone special, you’re the best!  

So when you’re tempted to give only half your attention to those fun-loving, rambunctious and crazy kids, remember . . . you’re their best.  When you are ready to give up because your exhausted and can’t stay ahead of the game, you’re their best.  When all you do is wipe bottoms, drive to lessons and clean over and over again, you’re still their best.

To those little bodies, those precious spirits, YOU are the best.  Remember that.  Spend time.  Give attention.  Love.  Pour in to them.  Disciple.  Be their best.

Lord, help us as moms to know that you have called us to this time and to our children in this season of motherhood.  Help us not to be distracted by meaningless things, but rather give attention and focus as we raise and pour in to our children with joy and purpose.  Remind us that you chose us to parent them.  Help us to enjoy and treasure our time with our children.  May we be the best we can be for them.  Thank you for blessing us with them.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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