Papers, Papers, Papers!  I am overwhelmed by papers!  They cover my desk (and I’ll just put it out there) and sometimes my office floor.  But this is one tool that helps me keep my sanity.


A couple years ago, my MOPS group made this for our monthly craft.  I think it was quite possibly my favorite project.  (Anything having to do with organization just makes me giddy.)


“The Family Book”
The Family Book is the one-stop place to hold all your pertinent paperwork such as class rosters, sports schedules, church calendars and more.  It is the one place you know you can look to find that phone number, an address or to find out the next day you’re on Nursery Duty at Church.


It should also be a book that can be found by your husband, should he need something from it.  I keep mine on a bookshelf in my office, but it could also be kept in your kitchen if that is where you’ll use it most.


How to Make Your Family Book:


You’ll need a 1/2 or 1″ binder, clear plastic sleeves, a small assortment of colored paper/scrapbook supplies and a marker.  Keep it simple, but have fun making a unique cover.  *Or if you don’t have time for all that, you can print this pre-made cover and you’re set.



What To Keep In Your Family Book:


Class Rosters
School Calendar
Sports Schedules
Work Schedules (Holidays off)
Church Nursery Schedule
Any Group Schedules
Member Rosters & Directories
Family Addresses & Telephone Numbers
County Information (including Emergency Numbers)
Babysitter Information
Family Allergies & Responses
Take-Out Menus
Any other paperwork you will need to reference over the coming year.  
What would you include in Your Family Book?

A Pre-Made
Family Book Cover