I love doing crafts with my kids.  I like watching them think, learn and manipulate whatever it is their little hands are touching.  But I often think I don’t spend enough time on crafts with them.  Usually, because it takes effort to think up or find an idea and then gather or buy all the necessary supplies.

So when I was trying to think of a unique gift for dear friends who were hosting us at their house, I tried to think of what I would enjoy receiving.  Sweet Boy and I had just started a themed unit on creation from ICanTeachMyChild.com and were enjoying learning what God created on each day (and singing their cute song).

And that was when it hit me!  Wouldn’t it be fun to receive a Busy Box filled with kids’ crafts, lessons and activities all prepped and ready to go?  No thinking up ideas, no searching for supplies and no running to the store to get the one thing you don’t have.

So I started searching my favorite blogs for kids’ crafts and activities…and put together this list of 31 activities.  I packaged each one in it’s own bag, along with instructions.  An “Extras Bag” contained shared supplies and I also included a vinyl tablecloth for the messier activities.  Anything that couldn’t be done by the child receiving the box was prepared by me (ie. scissor use, etc.)

Here is what I included:
* Thematic Unit on Creation




Other Fun
* Coffee Filter Painting with Watercolors
* Easy Flower Fun (Using Cupcake Liners as Flowers with Construction Paper Stems)
The Bonus?  The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed testing each activity before including it in the box.  What fun we had!