Free Coloring Pages, Crafty Printables & More for Zootopia


Have you seen the trailers for the movie, Zootopia?  My entire family loves the scene with the sloths at the BMV and not just because my son’s favorite animal happens to be the sloth.  We cannot wait to see the movie!



If your kids are as excited as mine each time they see an ad or poster for Zootopia, I think they’ll love these character coloring pages, crafty printables and more!


img - character coloring pages

Zootopia – Character Coloring sheets


img - hexaflexagon

Zootopia – Hexaflexagon


img - make a zoo-flake flashMake a Zoo-Flake Flash

Make a Zoo-Flake Yax

Make a Zoo-Flake Nick Wilde

Make a Zoo-Flake Judy Hopps


img - print match up

Zootopia – Paw Print Match Up


img - character ornaments

Zootopia – Character Ornaments


I hope your kids enjoy these free Zootopia printables!  Will your family be seeing the movie?