Last summer, my house was a finely-oiled machine.  We did our chores daily, commissions were paid weekly and my house was decently ready for company at most moments.

Then school started . . . and dance . . . and piano . . . and Bible club . . . and next will be basketball.  With the start of everything-structured and less down-time at home (no, I’m not bitter), it meant the end of chores as we knew it.  The kids still regularly empty the dishwasher and fold their own laundry, but house-cleaning . . . nope.

See ya.  

Good bye.  

Hope no one stops by.

With this realization, I have reconsidered the amount of chores the kids do, factoring in the amount of time they are in school (their job), family commitments and extra-curricular activities.  Instead of an unchanging, handwritten list that hangs on my mud room bulletin board, I created this dry-erase chore chart that allows me to change up the kids’ chores from week to week, working with our schedule and commitments.

It is still a work in progress but I wanted to give you a copy of the chore chart in case you are ever progressing in this area of home management like I am.



Here is how we are getting organized with chores:

I printed a chore chart for each child.  (Download yours below.)


I laminated them to make them dry erase.  (Here is an inexpensive laminator with very good ratings on Amazon, as well as pouches. – affiliate)


Then, with a dry erase marker, I began to fill out the chores for the week.  My daughter was excited that she can erase the chore when it is completed.  Ah, the simple things.  😉

How do you handle family chores at your house?  I would love to hear what works and doesn’t work for your family!

Download the Chore Chard Here:

Weekly Chore Chart Printable – PINK

Weekly Chore Chart Printable – GREEN

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