Following in your footsteps t-shirt for father's day

We still have a little time until Father’s Day and I wanted to pass along this fun gift idea.  The original idea comes from  Jenae creates beautiful framed artwork with your child’s footprints and this quote, but because I have a t-shirt theme going for Dan this year, I tweaked it to fit.  It is a great gift, quick and easy.

What You’ll Need:

* Two colors of fabric paint
* One paint or foam brush
* Plastic bags
* Masking tape
* One T-shirt
* One willing child!

How To Do It:

1.  Tape plastic bags to protect the t-shirt, leaving a center opening.  (I was expecting this to be a bit messier!)


2.  Put some kind barrier like cardboard between the front and back of the shirt.  Yep, wish I would have done this one.

3.  Paint your child’s feet (one at a time) with paint and stamp them on the t-shirt.  Move fast and paint a thick coat.  The first foot I did was too thin and dried by the time I stamped his foot.  Once I painted it thicker and moved faster, it was fine.

4.  With your other color, write “Following in Your Footsteps.”  I put masking tape down just above or below where I wanted to write.  This will help with making straight lines and for practicing the spacing in pencil on the tape.  Shake the paint well and squeeze out a little first, until you get a nice stream of flowing paint.  As you can tell, my first letters bled a little because it was too juicy.  Yeah, I’m not especially crafty!


All in all, it only cost me $9 for the three items I bought.  I thought about buying another t-shirt and trying it again for a cleaner look, but Sweet Boy said he liked this one.  And more importantly, Daddy will love it!