Farmer Cart Gift Idea 2

I don’t know what it is about twins’ birthday parties that make me feel creative, but this is the second birthday party for twins that I’ve given more than just a cool toy off a shelf (and I do that quite often).  See my No-Sew Fort Kits for Kate & Jack last year here.


This year’s birthday gifts for Daphne & Grant were inspired during my walk through WalMart’s toy aisle.  My eye caught glimpse of these cute child carts and knowing that the kids’ family had just bought a farm, inspiration was born.  I love the thought of children playing out in the dirt, having fun and growing things.  So, I started collecting various “farming” items from a couple different stores, created a little vinyl shape and lettering with my Silhouette Cameo and began assembling.


When you are filling deep containers or gift baskets, a box is a great way to fill space and raise your display area.  This box happens to be from Aldi (we love their Benita 99 cent tortillas).  Aldi always has boxes around and you can find pretty much any size you need.  It just so happened that I had two of these for another project that fell through.  Since they are open on top, I just flipped them upside down, sliced off a little for a good fit and poked holes for my upright items.

 farmer cart collage 1a

Straws held up the kid-size gloves and I used brown paper bags to cover the box.  I wanted a neutral base and paper bags tend to be stiff and hold their shape well.  This is also more important if your filling isn’t as compact like in Grant’s cart.

farmer cart collage 2a

I added the filling and nestled all my items in.  Glue dots helped keep the spray bottle stuck to the box . . . that is until Grant’s entire cart took a dump in my car.  {Be sure to secure the cars when driving to party!} 

I found some great shapes at the online Silhouette Store for 99 cents each.  (One of the reasons I love my Silhouette Cameo over a Cricut!)  I chose fonts from my computer and began cutting vinyl.  This stuff is seriously addictive!

Farmer Cart collage 3a


Farmer Cart Contents: Kid’s Garden Gloves, Shovel/Rake, Mini Starter Pots, Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Garden Kneeler Pad and a Squirt Bottle (because what kid doesn’t love to walk around and squirt stuff)


And now, I’m left to picture those two cuties filling their carts with stones, weeds and all kinds of other fun collectibles from their new property.


farmer cart gift 2