If you are looking for an upbeat shower or party game, look no further.  At a bridal shower for my brother and his fiance, we played the classic game of Family Feud.  Prep work took some time….especially considering I had to DVR and skim through many episodes in search of topics that relate to the couple’s interests.  (I did finally make up some of the questions/answers after much internet research!)  But having questions related to the couple made the game more interesting and an opportunity for guests to learn about them.

Guests had the option of playing as a family member or to simply be a member of the studio audience.  We played the game just like the TV show minus the final round.  And, I made sure to have the Family Feud Theme Song for added fun.  A couple of our questions included:  Something People Run For (because this couple met when the bride-to-be was running) and Top 9 Items to Take Camping (this couple loves the outdoors).

As to preparing the boards, yep, it takes some time.  I put the answer covers on with poster puddy.  It seemed the easiest.  When we played this game at a church youth group night years ago, a techy volunteer created a computerized version of the game for us.  Very cool if you can manage it.  No big screen for us here, just an easel with the game boards.

One thing you do need is a corny host.  Yes, this is my husband wearing a blue leisure suit, some gold chains and a crazy wig.  If only you could have seen him enthusiastically jogging in as the music blared and his name was announced, giving high fives to all family members.  I love that man!

Yep, that’s my husband!
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This game is perfect for a mixed shower!  The bad part:  not everyone gets to play the game.  The good part:  not everyone has to play the game.  The best part:  all the laughter and friendly competition!

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