dress up a glass with a little sugar treatment
If you are looking for a fun way to present a drink at your next party, try this simple and easy little trick.  Dress up a glass with just a few items from the store.

You Will Need:

dress up a glass with colored sugar


1.  Pour lemon juice to the depth that you want your glass to be coated with sugar.


dress up a glass with sugar and lemon juice


2.  Dip your glass into the lemon juice.  Avoid swishing it around.


garnish your glass with colored sugar


3.  Shimmy (that is a word, right?) your sugar so it is level.  Dip your glass into the sugar, keeping it as straight as you can.


dipping glass in sugar


4.  Allow to dry completely.

The sugar will harden nicely and shouldn’t come off when you are drinking out of the glass . . . unless you are four, love sugar and eat every ounce off the glass.  It makes for a beautiful garnish and looked great for my daughter’s Disney princess party.  See more of the party’s first post here.


princess party with garnished glasses


Coming Wednesday:  The two great activities we did at the party and our oh-so-simple photo booth.