Are you a history buff?  I, admittedly, am not when it comes to most kinds of history.  I remember in college, the four of us girls went to a museum.  Tara and I breezed through, glancing at displays but not really reading any of the long signs that peppered the path through time.  Adrienne and Rachel, on the other hand . . . well, let’s just say that Tara and I had a long time to chat.

I do, however, remember taking a European and Russian history class in high school that completely absorbed me.  The teacher was dynamic and loved what he taught, which probably helped me enjoy the class more.  But what I think really did it was the fact that we were studying royalty.  We all know the fascination with the royals in London (yes, I got up at 4am to watch the wedding way back when and I was immensely excited for them about the new baby).  There is something about royal life, dynasties and kingdoms that draw us in.

My most favorite kingdom story, though, is the one from the Bible.  And that is why I am so excited to share Melissa Deming’s new ebook, called “Daughters of the King:  Finding Your Place in the Biblical Story.


If you’ve ever wondered how you fit into the big picture of the Bible, this ebook is for you.  In about 100 pages, Melissa guides you through the Kingdom story and leads you right to the throne.

The study focuses on the cohesive unit of Scripture, following its canonical divisions, all the while examining the kingdom of God, which is defined by God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule and blessing.  You’ll love and appreciate how Melissa ties it all together under this single concept.  Your eyes will be opened and your mind refreshed.

Here’s what the study will do (taken from Melissa’s site, Hive Resources):

  • Give you a birds-eye view of the Scriptures (what they mean and how God’s story for the world applies to you today).
  • Teach you to discern the central theme of the entire Bible no matter what book in the Bible you’re reading.
  • Show you how the different divisions of Scripture (the Law, the History Books, the Prophets, the Gospel, etc.,) form one, unified story.
  • Give you a clear view of God’s heart for the nations.
  • Deepen your love for the beauty of God’s Word and heighten your view of it as an enduring literary masterpiece.
  • Impress on you the relevance of God’s Word for daily life.
  • Transform how you view your purpose and personal identity as a chosen and cherished Daughter of the King!

A couple things I loved throughout the book:

The theme of rest –  “From the very beginning, God’s goal in creation was rest.  His work culminated in rest, and his pattern for life in the Kingdom involved restful service by man for God.”

Melissa points out that after the fall, man would have to labor and toil.  Anyone else feeling a little un-rested with life right now? Yet, Melissa beautifully direct our eyes to the hope of our future:  “And this pattern will not change with the new creation.  In fact, restful, abundant life is the blessing that comes from living under God’s rule.”

The primary theme of the Kingdom of God – As I mentioned earlier, Melissa defines the Kingdom as God’ people in God’s place under God’s rule and blessing.  As she walks you through the story of Scripture, you will start to see this in all the aspects of the biblical story.  You will see the kingdom-restoring work of the Father through His Son, Jesus and even in what is yet to come.  Drawing from this concept helps the reader not only take a step back to see the over-arching view of God’s plan, but takes you a step closer in understanding the various parts of the Bible and how they relate.


The theme of our role as Daughters of the King – At the end of each section, Melissa connects YOU to the story.  One of my favorite quotes, “A daughter of the King spends little time sitting in the privileged position of the throne room.  Instead, she is out among the people representing the goodness, humility and submissive spirit of the one she serves.”

I loved the ebook!  As originally designed, it would make a great study for a women’s group, too.  In fact, I’m emailing this link to a couple friends.  😉

>>Would you like to buy the ebook?  Melissa is offering 30% off the regular price of $4.99 for the pdf version, making it only $3.49.  Use code FALL13 through September 30th.  Go here to grab your discounted pdf copy and learn more.  Or you can pick up the Kindle version on Amazon for $4.99.  And as a bonus, if you subscribe to Hive Resources, you will get the companion workbook for FREE!


(Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  I was given a copy of the book to review at no cost.  All opinions are my own.)