Daddy Land

Our family loves games of all sorts!  Scavenger hunts, board games, card games, relays . . . you name it.  In fact, I even told Dan that I was pregnant with our first child through the board game, Sorry (Ignore any title connotations!  It just happened to be one of our favorite games at the time.)

One of the games that Dan frequently plays with the kids is Candy Land.  So for Father’s Day 2012, we will be playing . . . drumroll . . . DADDY LAND!  Yes, our family will be competing through a live version of Candy Land with a life-sized game board, color cards and instead of candy canes and gum drops, we’ll be using Daddy’s favorite treats.  And we can’t wait!

Would you like to create your own version of Daddy Land for your Father’s Day Celebration?  

Here’s the How To:

You will need:  colored paper, rocks (if you’re playing outside), six of your husband’s favorite snacks or treats, white cardstock, a banner entrance and props for your game board if desired, camera, computer and printer.

A little confession:  I am a perfectionist and it drives me crazy that the colored paper wouldn’t lie flat on the dry, stiff grass.  If this will make you nuts, then I suggest playing on concrete or inside. Because I want to play outside in the lawn, I am deciding to get over it.

Draw Pile Cards

Create, print and cut the color cards to draw from.  Match the colors of your colored paper as close as possible.  I printed 7 batches of the cards.  (6 colors x 7 batches = 42 cards for the draw pile)

Purchase six of your husband’s favorite treats.  Create the “treat” drawing cards by placing each item on a colored sheet of paper and snapping a picture.  Take the digital images and print onto white cardstock.  (I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the banner entrance pictured earlier and also to cut all the cards.  But you can simply make the cards with your printer and cut by hand.)

Next, return to your treat images and print a large version on white cardstock.  Cut them out and glue to the full sheet of colored paper.

Gather your props and set up your board.  All of the actual treats were at the end of the game, including Dan’s gift, Mad Gabs.  (The game theme continues.)

Even with all the excitement of getting ready, I am amazed that the kids haven’t yet spilled the beans. And if you happen to see some crazy people out in the lawn hopping on sheets of colored paper, stop on by and say hi.  We may even share some of the sweet treats.

Are you ready to get your game on and play Daddy Land?  What would your husband’s Daddy Land treats be?

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