creative kids spaces

“You want to put what under your basement stairs?”

That was what I heard when I told my husband and his cousin, the contractor, that I wanted a kids’ clubhouse under our basement stairs.

Growing up, my brother and I spent a lot of time playing in the fun space under the basement stairs.  We imagined, we hid, we told stories, we played games.  It was a great space for us to call our own.

So when Sweet Boy was born and we decided to finish our basement, I knew I wanted to dedicate part of the basement to fun and creative kids’ spaces.

What makes for great kid-spaces?  I focused on several components:

Bright Colors – I chose fun and bold colors for the walls of the clubhouse.

clubhouse wall design-sunbursts

Creative Design – the road on the wall is magnetic.  Magnetic Paint is AWESOME!  Put several coats on so the primer can hold an actual magnet.

Fun Lights – Both lights in the Clubhouse are from Ikea, but of course the lady bug is the kids’ favorite.

clubhouse wall design-magnetic road

A Split Door – “Let’s pretend to have an ice cream shoppe.  Come place your order at the counter!”  A split door is great for imaginative play.  It is also unique, adding to the fun.  Just watch for younger walloped heads not paying attention to the 1/2 open door.

split door for the kids' clubhouse

Memory Makers & Hand Prints – I have my children’s hand prints under the stairs [wipe tear for when we move].  It is a great tracker of their growth and a good reminder of childhood fun.  ADDED BONUS:  I found my husband’s ceramic hand print from a school project when he was a child.  It proudly hangs in the Clubhouse as well.  Does that say 1980??

a space for hand prints in the clubhouse

For the below photo, I had always planned to use Glow in the Dark Paint to write a message or create a design on the space above the door.  Well, the best of intentions . . .

colorful clubhouse

under the stairs kids clubhouse

A Place To Draw, Color, Create – The Playroom is right next to the Clubhouse.  I painted a chalkboard below the chair rail and used the magnetic paint to create a border at the top of the chalkboard.  See the yellow magnet on the left wall?

The furniture is from Ikea, as are the circular rugs.  I love the playful look.  My kids have spent many an hour down here chalking or playing with playdough.

creative kids spaces . the playroom

creative kids spaces-3

We love our space and will certainly miss it when we move.  But with a little paint and intention for fun, we will make a new one.

What creative kids’ spaces have you created?