Summer is here!  The warm weather has arrived, school is done and we are enjoying the run of graduation parties and outdoor playtime.

How does your summer calendar look?  I hear from many people that they are booked solid for the next three months.  For us, weekends are occupied well into September with lots of fun and special activities.

But knowing my tendency to be preoccupied with a busy schedule, last year I wrote out My Top 21 Summer Fun Activities.  It was an effort to list out the fun summer things I wanted to do so that when I completed my list and Autumn arrived, I’d feel like I had spent time enjoying the good old days of summertime.

And you know what?  It worked beautifully!  I didn’t quite get to everything (you can see my final progress check here), but I have great memories about being deliberate in having fun with the Dan and the kids.  So when I recently picked up the latest copy of Better Homes & Gardens, I saw they named the same concept a “Sand Pail List.”  It is just like your bucket list (do you have one?) but for the summertime.

My Summer Sand Pail List:  

  1. Eat Tomatoes from my Garden.  (And if you knew my garden, you would know what an accomplishment this would be.  Last time I grew vegetables, the cucumbers came out orange and the green peppers smelled like cat urine -according to Dan.)
  2. Watch the Sun Rise from my Front Porch  
  3. Swim until We’re Pruny – – over and over again
  4. Visit the Nearby Petting Farm
  5. Host a Great Summer Dinner Party
  6. Go to the Beach one Early Morning  
  7. Bring Flowers in from my Garden
  8. Have a Garage Sale
  9. Pick Strawberries and Blueberries with the Kids
  10. Have a Picnic
  11. Have a Date Night Picnic
  12. Entertain with Candles and Twinkle Lights on my Deck
  13. Make Sno Cones for the Neighborhood Kids
  14. Make a Sandcastle Cake 
  15. Visit the Zoo Each Month
  16. Take the Kids Hiking
  17. Find a Great Recipe & Make Yummy Yogurt Popsicles
  18. Go to the Drive-In
  19. Have Sweet Boy fish with “Uncle Aaron” Again This Summer
  20. Go to Old Glory Day Celebrations
What is on your list for summer fun?  I’d love to hear!

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