This week, we spent a fun-filled day at Grandma’s making cookies.  We made five kinds (chocolate chip, sugar cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, pinwheels and 7 layer bars – the last two of which are my favorites!).  

Doughs were made, cookies were burned (not too many), tins were filled . . . as were our tummies.  But it was a great reminder to involve children in baking.  I don’t do it nearly enough!  They loved pushing the Hershey kisses into the peanut butter cookies and of course, cutting out and icing the sugar cookies.  

We made so many cookies, I bagged and froze quite a few.  But when we eat them later, it will be a nice reminder of our special Cookie Day with Grandma.  
Oh yeah, and don’t forget to serve hot chocolate in a ridiculously large Mickey/Minnie mug.  (Am I my mother’s daughter or what?)