classroom baby shower for teacher-3

Just before we left for Florida, we threw a little classroom baby shower for my son’s kindergarten teacher.  It was surprise . . . and the kids did an amazing job of keeping the secret and being patient when school was cancelled for three days due to weather.

Baby showers are so much fun!  It was interesting (and comical) trying to explain a baby shower to a 6 year old boy who had never been to one before.  But in the end, the kids knew that we were celebrating the upcoming birth of their teacher’s baby.  And they were beyond excited!

Here is what we did at our Classroom Baby Shower for Teacher:


twinkle twinkle little start baby shower

Theme:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Colors:  Gold and Pink (It’s a Girl!)

I was looking for a theme that the kids could relate to well and what kid doesn’t know the famous nursery rhyme and song?

Activities & Games: I started off by asking the kids if they knew what a baby shower was.  The answers were as sweet as their precious faces.  Then I asked what shape topped our cupcakes and if they knew a nursery rhyme about stars . . . Of course, they guessed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Since babies can hear when they are inside their mommy’s tummy, we all sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the teacher’s unborn baby.

classroom baby shower treats-2

We had three games prepared for the kids:

  • Pin the Star on the Rattle

classroom baby shower game

  • Bean Bag Toss (into my daughter’s baby doll high chair)

classroom baby shower game-3

  • Baby Trivia & Advice from the Kids:  we asked the kids how much the baby would weigh (13lbs was the largest), how long the baby would be (10 inches was the longest), and best advice for caring for a baby.


classroom baby shower game-2

We kept it really simple.  Games – Treats – Presents.  Boy, were the kids excited to watch the teacher open up their gifts.

classroom baby shower-4

classroom baby shower treats-3

In keeping with our theme, the favors for kids to take home (and share) were two gold butterscotch candy sticks tied with pink ribbon and a gold star.

classroom baby shower favor


It was a fun shower and worked out perfectly as a classroom baby shower.

Thanks to the moms who helped and congratulations, Mrs. B!