I’m excited to share with you about Chip Richter’s new Dream Tree CD project.  We are big Chip Richter fans in this house!  We have seen him in concert 4 times and listened to his CD’s hundreds of times.

We love his songs about Jesus, Lakeside and growing up.  We especially love his Ice Cream Song that we play over and over again as my cousin and our (now) 6 six kids adventure off on our annual Ice Cream Day.

This June, Chip will be releasing his 7th album and he is asking for our support through Kickstarter.  But this isn’t the typical request you may receive for Kickstarter because when you make a donation of various levels, you receive all kinds of great rewards, including the new Dream Tree CD.


Here is what Chip has to say:


So What’s The Dream Tree Project About?

The Dream Tree project was inspired by some artwork created by my son Austin when he was eight years old. He called his picture “The Dream Tree”. I’m a dreamer and I loved this picture the moment I saw it. I also love encouraging children to use their imaginations and follow their dreams. Today Austin is 20 years old and in his second year of Art School and he continues to inspire me as I watch him use his gifts and follow his dreams. I’ve written some new songs for this project that I hope will inspire your children as they begin to follow their dreams and find their gifts. There are also songs about things that grow like seeds, trees and gardens (just like our gifts and dreams) and some songs about things that help us grow (like healthy habitats, sunshine and our Moms!)  There are a few silly songs too just for fun! 

The Dream Tree is the 7th album I’ve recorded for families over a span of fourteen years! Friends like you are the reason I’ve been able to do what I do. From the beginning, families supported my musical endeavors by purchasing CDs, booking and attending concerts at churches, schools, libraries and sharing the music with friends. I am blessed and absolutely humbled by that thought… Thank You! 


It’s true this is my first Kickstarter Campaign. When I started recording my songs for kids there was no such thing as Kickstarter… in fact there was no such thing as iTunes, iPods, Facebook or Twitter! The way artists create and share original content now is very different than it used to be. In some ways these changes have allowed artists to be more connected to their fans and Kickstarter is a great example of that. Your pledge will not only help us reach our goal giving us the funds we need to make The Dream Tree CD, it also makes your family a part of the team, a part of the process.

Pledging to The Dream Tree project on Kickstarter is not about giving someone money but about investing in something you really like and might buy anyway but by participating in the campaign you become part of something that’s much bigger than just making a purchase plus you do receive some great rewards. Everything from autographed CDs, Posters and T-shirts to VIP Tickets to a concert, Birthday Songs, Private Concerts even a Weekend at Lakeside. Pick one that looks like a good fit for your family or go together with a few families and combine resources and pledge today.


Would you like to support Chip’s new project with me?  Go to his Kickstarter page to get started.

Check out this video with Chip to learn more or visit his website.


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