Later this year, my daughter will turn four.  I can’t wrap my brain around that.  My youngest was supposed to be younger still.  In the Fall, my son will start kindergarten and 13 years of schooling will follow.  What is going on here?

Anytime you talk with a mom of older kids or teens, what is the one thing you always hear?  “It goes so fast.”  And I have to admit, I don’t want it to go fast.  I would be pretty content to just hang out here for awhile.  Sure, there are the days when I think I may pull out my hair from the frustrations of mothering and there are the days when I don’t have it all together.  But I wouldn’t trade it.

That is why I try to focus on the moment, to celebrate the day.  To cherish the special times and work to create memories.  To enjoy each day God gives us.  But traps are all around us.  Traps that keep us from doing this very thing. They may be busyness, being over-committed and over-extended or other concerns and cares that capture our focus and attention.

We live in a fast-paced, busy world.  And sometimes it is too busy.  I fight against the tide of too many obligations and commitments, but to be honest, I often feel like I am losing.  There are times when I know I should stop and play with the kids but something on my To-Do list is calling me louder than the sweet voices of a three and five year old.  Times when I think if I can just knock these things out, then we’ll have fun.  

What are your traps?

What keeps you from cherishing the moments?

Here’s what I want:  To play more and run less.  To enjoy moments and hurry around another time.  To laugh and build relationships and memories.  To enjoy the blessings God gives and to be thankful to Him for each special moment.

So when the To Do list is long or when someone calls asking for a new commitment, I’m going to think long and hard (and pray).  What are my priorities?  What do I want my life to look like?  And that will drive my years, days and yes, even the moments.

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