Celebrating Puppy’s Birthday

celebrating puppy's birthday
When you first saw the title, you may have thought I was talking about celebrating your dog’s birthday as opposed to a beloved stuffed animal.  (Don’t worry . . . I will post about that soon because believe it or not, when I was growing up, we did have a birthday party for our sheep dog.  And other dogs were invited!)

But back to this puppy’s birthday.  Not too long ago, I told you that we celebrated Teddy’s birthday when my son was younger.  Well recently, Sweet Girl told me that it was her puppy’s birthday (I should have guessed from the 100 times through “Happy Birthday” I could hear her singing to him).


stuffed animal's birthday


I am always game to celebrate anything so even if it was only Puppy’s birthday, decorations and cupcakes were in order.  And I have to say, this thrilled my daughter.  She helped me make the cupcakes and I decorated with streamers, balloons and the “Happy Birthday” banner.  My niece came over for the celebration and Daddy even stopped and bought a Happy Birthday balloon from the Dollar Store on his way home from work!


Puppy's Birthday


We enjoyed our cupcakes and had a lot of fun!  And the next morning, I was informed that it was Puppy’s birthday again.  🙂


  1. I love this! Just yesterday, my youngest asked me for a candle and a lighter. I said…uh No! Further investigation proved it was a stuffed animals birthday! Perfect timing to be inspired to make some cupcakes!

  2. Please, oh, please … tell me where you bought your puppy – or what company makes him. My 12 year old has loved his to death and I would LOVE to buy him one just like it to save for his own children one day. Thanks ever so much !!!

  3. Heather, glad the timing was good! 🙂

    Anonymous, sorry! I was given that dog as a gift over 10 years ago. But he has a TY tag (TY, Inc.). Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the lead on replacing ours. No luck with TY though. Hope your daughter loves her puppy as much as ours has been loved!!