I love pinning recipes on my Pinterest board in hopes of actually trying a fraction of them.  When I do get around to making them, there are some desserts that simply fail the test . . . hopes let down. But then, I come across a dessert or special treat that is so yummy, I want to make it over and over again. This treat falls into the latter!

The original idea comes from Chef Jessica Bright and it is sure to make any camping or campfire evening more delightful.  (Now, let me say that yes, I thought these were AMAZING!  But, let me also tell you that I hadn’t eaten any junk food or sweets for nearly a week when I ate it . . . my husband thinks that fact may have played a part in my over-dramatic taste buds.  They were sooo good!)  They are called Campfire Cones!

Jessica shares a variety of ingredients you can use, but here is what we used for our Campfire Cones:


Waffle cones, miniature marshmallows, chocolate chips, granola, almonds, Reece’s Cups and Walmart’s Creamy Caramel cups.  The last two ingredients were the best!



And of course, when you’re having a fun gathering, it may be the perfect time to set up a little build-your-own buffet for these yummy Campfire Cones!


I wasn’t the only one who thought they were delish!