The last day of school is finally in sight.  (And I have to say, I am SO excited!)  Today and next week, I’ll be sharing two great last day of schoolideas from Ali B, mother to two elementary school children.

On the last day of school, Ali’s neighborhood gathers together for donuts, juice boxes and coffee in one of the cul-de-sacs.  They publicize the Homeowners Association-sponsored event with flyers in mailboxes about a month before, also alerting the bus driver.  The parents and kids then meet 45 minutes before the school bus usually arrives.  The kids run around and the parents take pictures.  And you’re going to love this:  the bus driver sometimes even joins them!

The kids get on the bus; parents take more pictures and then the bus driver takes off, honking the horn with everyone cheering.  (Don’t you want to move into their neighborhood?)  Ali also mentioned that some of the parents then go out for breakfast.  What a fun morning and great way to start off summer!

Thanks for sharing, Ali!