If you do a lot of crafts with your kids or are just a pack rat like me, you could probably use a little organization in the office and craft supplies corner of your life.  The office closet is where I keep (most of) our craft supplies.  But it is definitely in need of an overhaul (see.above.)

The August plan:

* Pull out all the office and craft supplies, yes everything.  Start with clean drawers and empty containers.
* Sort through the items.  Is there anything that needs to be thrown out or given away?
* Organize the items by category.  The current crafting categories I have (and will probably keep) are:
Craft Supplies – scissors, paints, sponges, colored pencils, glue, etc.
     Creative Crafts – the things I save because something creative could be done with them
     Fabrics & Ribbons – remnants and ribbons
     Craft Kits – kits that make a project (a lot of these are from Oriental Trading)
* Put items away in a neat and organized way.

This month seems pretty manageable.  I love our Month by Month Plan of small and achievable goals.

How do you sort your craft and office supplies?  If you are on the journey of home organization and write a post about it, feel free to leave the link in the comments below.