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Do you have teenagers who are dating or soon to start?  Feeling a bit under-prepared and overwhelmed?  Well, check this out!

When I wrote At The Well, I originally wrote it with college students and young single adults in mind.  But the Lord opened up the audience in that I had many parents tell me they wanted their teenagers to read the book.

So with that in mind, I created the Parent’s Pack to accompany At The Well.  And I am so excited because I think it will help parents of teens to cross that bridge into conversations about dating, and show them how to direct their teenager to God’s plan for dating and marriage.  My goal is that this pack will draw parents and teens closer to one another and to the Lord.

What will your teen find in At The Well?

Your teenager will discover God’s plan for finding love and pursuing marriage.  As he or she journeys with Kristen through Genesis 24, your teen will find that God gives a wonderful blueprint in the love story of Isaac and Rebekah.

And while At The Well was originally written for college age and young adults, parents of high school students everywhere are having their kids read the book now so they can begin in the right direction when it comes to love and dating.

In At The Well, Your Teenager Will:

  • learn to seek God first for themselves (at the well)
  • see the importance of growing in faith
  • discover ways to use this time to develop character and grow as an individual
  • learn to trust the Lord to take care of this area of his or her life
  • assemble an idea of what it is he or she wants in a future spouse
  • learn the importance of guarding his or her heart in dating relationships
  • find encouragement for waiting on God when it seems to take forever
  • see God’s plan for equally-yoked marriages and the value of dating believers
  • be encouraged to prayerfully seek direction in current relationships
  • learn the value of following God’s plan even when it may not line up with his or her own
  • discover how to properly evaluate a relationship and recognize the response of his or her heart when he or she is in the relationship God designed

Interested in the Parent’s Pack?  All details can be found here.  Simply purchase a print or ebook copy of At The Well.  Then fill out the form here with your order number.

All details at www.KristenTiber.com!

Here is what is included in the Parent’s Pack:

Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Teen’s Relationships

With this printable, you will receive ten Bible verses and ten accompanying prayers to guide you as you pray over your teenager’s relationships.  When we pray according to Scripture and recount the very things God has said in His Word, there is power.  Why?  Because by praying according to His Word, we know we are praying according to His will.  As you learn to use Scripture to guide your prayers, you will be amazed how easy it becomes to take any verse and pray with confidence and authority.

10 Conversation Starters to Talk to Your Teen About Dating

Looking for ways to talk with your teen about dating?  These simple and practical conversation starters will open the door to more meaningful discussions.

At The Well Book Club – Leader’s Guide

This high school edition of our Book Club Leader’s Guide will allow you to be part of your teenager’s journey in going to the well to seek God when it comes to relationships.  Whether you intend to lead a group of teens through At The Well (and why not!) or you intend to keep it one-on-one with your student, this leader’s guide is full of discussion questions, Bible verses and teaching on love, dating and marriage.